Re-model / Refurbishments

Lotus Pools undertake everything from minor pool repairs such as reinstating a few tiles, to full refurbishments where we can refinish your entire pool, copings, and patio / pool surround. Also experts in plant room builds, if you are replacing a shed or moving your plant equipment, we can help.

Please see below for some case studies of various works we have undertaken…


Case study 1 : New pool surround and copings / Plant room relocated / Pool pipework relaid and insulated / New air source heat pump.



Our customer had some tired marble pool copings, along with a redbrick patio which was beginning to subside in places causing a trip hazard. A replacement 20mm grey granite paving stone was chosen and we custom cut and shaped matching coping/edging stones to match. Along with adequate drainage for the new surface area. Future planning for an extension meant we relocated the plant area to a new temporary location for now, and in turn relaid new insulated pool pipework underground. An 18kW air source heat pump was also installed to be the sole heat supply for the pool.



Case study 2 : Pool tile repairs

Some tiles were lifting underwater here and as the water was also quite old the decision was made to refill and take the opportunity to repair some areas. We discovered further tiles were soon to lift also and these were all repaired with like-for-like new replacements, regrouted and refilled. The repairs are not noticeable, and bring the pool back to looking new again.



Case study 3 : Repaint inground concrete pool. Install new pool pump, Filter sand change and pipework simplification in plant area.



An inground kidney shaped concrete pool had the paint finish chalked and very deteriorated, eventually making the pool unusable, saw it left for a couple of seasons unloved. Lotus Pools drained the pool, prepared the surface correctly and repainted with specialist pool paint. In the plant room, the pump had seized so needed replacement, and the filter media needed to be renewed. Lotus Pools took care of all these hurdles and brought the pool back to life.


Plant room works: Lotus Pools are experts in plant room modifications, repairs, relocations, and fresh rebuilds. We carry all pool pipework in stock and on hand for any emergency.