Pool maintenance


We look after an ever increasing amount of pools in Guernsey on a regular basis, throughout the year. Domestic and commercial, indoor and outdoor, in and above ground, saltwater and freshwater, hydrotherapy and Endless Pools. Whatever type of pool you have we can maintain it for you.


Regularity is completely up to you, while most clients ask us to maintain they’re pool regularly throughout the year, some just ask for the odd checkup to make sure they’re ontop of things themselves or to help open up at the brink of summer, and this is no problem.


The most popular service we provide is a weekly visit through the summer season, and a fortnightly or monthly check through the winter. While maintenance through the winter season may sound a bit silly with our climate, it is important to keep on top of your equipment and water chemistry as these things left alone for some months can cause more expensive problems.


If you choose to sign up to our regular maintenance, prices are per visit, and not by the hour. You’d typically see us the same day and time each visit, so you’ll know when we’re coming and how much your monthly charge will be. We also stock all chemicals and sanitizers onboard in our vans all the time, always to hand if needbe. All these little things help us to provide you with the best service.


If you are interested in our pool maintenance service, please get in touch using the contact page above.