Lotus Pools ltd: Pool Maintenance FAQs


How regularly should I check my pools chemistry?

Lotus Pools recommend you check your pools chemistry daily, or at least each time you use the pool. This can be done simply using pool dip stick test kits found in the Lotus Pools online shop. There are various kits out there, and they all vary in accuracy and exactly what they check – the bare minimum you should be checking regularly is your Pools Chlorine / PH / and alkalinity levels. Advanced testing can check for many more things like Free vs Combined Chlorine / PH / alkalinity / calcium hardness / phosphates / cyanuric acid / salt / copper / total dissolved solids.

Knowing your pools chemistry readings is vital in maintaining your pools well-being and swimming safety.

Lotus Pools can check & manage your pools chemistry for you, just give us a call to arrange an appointment.


Why is my pool green/cloudy?

There are hundreds of reasons why a pool could loose its clarity, turn cloudy or even green. Here are 3 common answers…

1 – The  sanitizer(chlorine or bromine) in your pool water has depleted. And as nothing is disinfecting your water, algae is happy to grow.

2 – Other chemical imbalances can also cause the problem, or affect the way your sanitizer is working.

3 – Last but not least, your filter could be tired & not working efficiently – see sand change info below!

Solution: Give Lotus Pools a call for further help!


Can I swim after adding chemicals?

Not straight away… and the time till you can swim after adding chemicals varies depending on what you are adding. All chemicals will list instructions and warnings on the packets. As a general rule Andys Pools recommends adding chemical once bathing has seized for the day, as it is better to be safe than sorry! And never add chemicals while there are swimmers in the pool!

If you check out Lotus Pools online shop, all instructions and information is available for each product.


How often should I backwash my filter? 

If you have a sand filter filtering your pool water it will need to be backwashed regularly. Lotus Pools recommend a weekly backwash through the summer season, and less frequently through the off season. The sand is designed to catch fine dirt all the while your pump/filter is running to ensure your pool is nice and clear. Eventually this dirt can build up and limit the filters efficiency, and sometimes even push dirt back into the pool.

A backwash cycle reverses the polarity of the water flow inside the filter, lifting the dirt it has caught and disposing it down the drain.

If you are experiencing dirt passing through the filter, even after a thorough backwash, or you are struggling to clarify your pool water – your sand could be due a change, see below!


How often should I change the sand in my filter?

It is recommended the sand in your pool filter is changed every 4-5 years…

Your swimming pool sand filter is the dustbin of the swimming pool. It is designed to collect dirt and rubbish from the pool, and even with regular ‘backwash’ cycles it will only do its job well for so long. Filter sand is very rough and sharp when new, this is to ensure it collects that dirt from the pool effectively. But over time the sand granules eventually round off, just like pebbles in a river, making your filter’s efficiency reduce. At this stage pool clarity can be difficult to maintain. You will need to run your filter for longer to do its job, and this can increase the amount of sanitiser / chemicals you use, and these all cost you money!

Lotus Pools can change the sand in your filter before the summer swimming season gets underway, keeping your pool filter working at its best.

Do I have to change my pool water?

If it is well maintained, you probably don’t ever need to!

Water does however, have a limit as to how much can be dissolved in it. TDS (total dissolved solids) is a measurement that can depict how much life is left in your pool water, or how much more you can dissolve into it. Old pool water typically has a high TDS reading, and for this reason it is recommended to change your pool water every 8-10 years. If your pool water is old, and you are struggling to maintain clarity, this and/or a filter sand change could be your solution!

Emptying a swimming pool is not always as simple as it seems. With no water (and weight!), even the strongest concrete swimming pool structures can potentially ‘pop’ out of the ground if emptied. Before considering draining your pool, contact Lotus Pools for advice.

If you would like more advice about the life of your pool water, or help on how to drain it, please contact Lotus Pools.